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Conversation that Matters

Creating a Culture of Trust

Enabling employees to live the values and fulfill the vision of your organization

Ensuring you benefit from diverse ideas and perspectives


Cultivating generous & honest communication

We support leaders to communicate with courage and authenticity in a way that can be received and understood. With our support, leaders can create systems and practices to cultivate open communication within and between teams.

Generating & implementing breakthrough ideas

Need to foster genuine collaboration to find solutions that work for all stakeholders? Let us guide you with the skills and practices needed within your teams. We also facilitate dedicated ideation sessions or ongoing implementation meetings to efficiently execute solutions that work.

Building relationships

of trust & alignment

To achieve your vision and meet your objectives, you need alignment and commitment within your organization.  To make the visions real, leaders learn how to engage authentically with employees and customers to build relationships of trust and alignment.


Services we provide


 meaningful, open, honest communication

Expert Guidance to support you in difficult conversations and vital decisions. We can facilitate conversations, meetings, and retreats. With proven processes and objective observations, we enable important candid communication to broaden everyone's perspective. With greater understanding and shared purpose, your teams move forward to accomplish goals together.

Facilitation is generally provided for teams or small groups, sometimes for two people needing support to reach mutual understanding.
1 Facilitator and a few clients

to build capacity to achieve vision

Build Capacity within your organization to create the culture to achieve your vision. Experience interactive exercises to develop more effective communication and genuine inclusion. We customize programs for your goals and specific situations.

Training programs can reach many employees, even the entire organization to affect the culture and capacity. 
1 or 2  facilitators and many clients

for lasting change & practical application of new skills

Achieve Your Goals with personal attention to your strengths and how to leverage them. Get honest helpful feedback and direct support to be a more effective leader. We work with your particular opportunities and challenges to support your success.

Coaching is provided to individuals in a highly customized program which lasts for months.

 1 coach and 1 client ongoing coaching


About Leslie

Founded by Leslie Becknell Marx to support organizations to live into their values and missions, Conversation that Matters facilitates the deep conversations that ground you in your core values and allow you to soar to achieve your vision.

Leslie brings experience working for IBM, P&G, and Coca-Cola in Sales, Marketing, and Innovation combined with fifteen years of consulting and training leaders in for-profit and non-profit organizations. She supports varied organizations to pursue innovation, to communicate effectively, and to lead with integrity.

She has a Master of Arts in International Affairs (Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies) and Master of Divinity (Andover Newton Theological School). She brings a perspective to leadership grounded in ethics and caring for all people affected by an organization's decisions. 

Her core leadership training comes from years of study with the Center for Authentic Leadership and with Bay NVC (NonViolent Communication). Her formal training and extensive reading combine with her experience accompanying leaders to give her flexible and comprehensive ways to support leaders/


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